Weld and Repair Plastic

Bondic plastic welderWhen plastic parts break, you usually attempt to fix them with super glue, and when that doesn’t work, you throw them away and buy a new one.  Sure, if you’ve got deep pockets, you can buy a 3D printer and make a new part, but that’s overkill for a lot of small repairs, where the investment in time to design the part just isn’t worth it.

A new product called Bondic offers another solution.  Bondic, which their Website says is “not a glue,” is actually a welder for plastic.  The applicator works rather like a pen, and you can “draw” plastic wherever you need it.  You can use this handy tool to fill cracks, attach two pieces together, or even create a new piece.  The liquid is fairly sticky, so it will stay in place until it hardens.

Here’s the fun part – Bondic will not harden until it has been exposed to ultraviolet light.  You can work with it to your heart’s content, and when you’ve finally got it where you want it, then, and only then, can you harden it by exposing it to UV light.  That’s easy to do, as there’s a UV light source attached to the other side of the pen.

How long does it take to harden?  Four seconds.

Even super glue doesn’t set that quickly, and Bondic isn’t glue.  It’s plastic.

Apparently, the product was created by a German dentist who was using similar material in his dental work.  He got to wondering why we couldn’t use the product for everyday repairs.  A short time later, he found a partner in the U.S. and brought the product to market.

The various videos on the site give numerous examples of how to put Bondic to use.  You can do all kinds of things with it.  The thing that impressed me the most was using it to attach something to the inside of an aquarium that was already full of water.  Put Bondic on the part, immerse it in the water, press it up against the glass, and then shine the UV light on it from the outside.  Four seconds later, it’s stuck to the glass wall.

Not only does Bondic get rock-hard in just four seconds, but once it hardens, you can do whatever you like with it.  You can paint it, you can drill holes in it, you can cut it with a saw, or you can sand it to shape.

There are a lot of good things about this amazing product, but here’s the best one – it’s cheap.  The basic starter kit includes the applicator with the built-in UV light source, a 4 gram tube of plastic, and a carrying case.  The price for all of this cutting edge technology?

Twelve dollars.

People have become pretty attached, if you will, to this product, and if you visit YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of videos showing how people have found interesting uses for this product.

I don’t have an immediate use for it, but it strikes me as the sort of thing that I should just keep in a drawer.  When you need it, you’re going to want to have it right now and not have to wait a couple of days for someone to mail it to you.


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