Turn Your Bike Helmet Into a Smart One

ahead bike helmetRiding a bicycle is fun and good for you, but it’s not a good thing to be doing while you’re using your phone.  You need both hands to ride a bike, and riding while handling a phone can be dangerous.

It can also be dangerous to ride your bike with ear buds, as they can get tangled up or even hurt you if you should happen to crash.

That’s why a clever new gadget called Ahead was developed – so you can use the phone and listen to music, hands free, while riding your bike and wearing the helmet of your choice.

Ahead was funded through Kickstarter, and it’s a small device (weighs about 2 ounces) that can mount to any bicycle helmet in several different ways.  The device connects to any iOS or Android smartphone as a Bluetooth device, and you can use it to talk on the phone or listen to music while riding.

The device uses a custom oscillator to pass sound directly to your helmet so that you can hear music and conversations directly.  This works with virtually any kind of helmet on the market.  The device also has two built-in microphones so that it will clearly pick up your voice when you’re on the phone.

Ahead is good for 8 hours of use or three days of standby time.  It can recharge in an hour and a half via USB.

If you’re done with your bike ride, you can take Ahead off of your helmet and take it to your desk.  The box in which the device was packaged acts as a resonator, so you can use Ahead to listen to music at your desk.

The device is also water resistant and dust proof, so that it will withstand the rigors of riding outdoors.  In addition, there is built-in noise cancellation circuitry that works at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour to ensure that your music and conversations remain crystal clear while you’re riding.

A lot of Kickstarter projects never get off the ground, but Ahead has been fully funded, and the device should begin shipping shortly.

Riding a bike is great, and if you’re doing that on a regular basis, you should keep it up.  Riding a bike with a phone in your hand is just looking for trouble.  You could crash, hit a car, fail to hit the brakes, or drop and damage your phone.  With Ahead, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

You can learn more about Ahead at the Kickstarter site.


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