Arctis 3 Headset Offers the Best of Both Worlds

arctis 3 headphonesThere are lots of headsets on the market, and if you like wireless gadgets, there are lots of wireless headsets, too.  Both wired and wireless have their advantages and disadvantages, but sometimes, you end up having to own one of each.

That’s because while Bluetooth is great for listening to music, it’s not so good if you’re a hardcore gamer.  Latency is not a good thing, and Bluetooth, for all of its charms, does have some built-in latency that can become a critical issue in the middle of online warfare.

That’s where the Arctis 3 headset comes in.  The latest headset from SteelSeries offers what ought to be the best of both worlds when it comes to headsets.  The Arctis 3 offers Bluetooth connectivity, making it great for listening to music from any Bluetooth-enabled source.

Great.  Lots of headphones do that.  But wait – the Arctis 3 also allows you to plug in to your favorite game console for wired connections when you’re gaming.

OK, lots of headphones do that, too.  But here’s where the Arctis 3 really shines – it will allow you to use both technologies at once.

There are times when it might make sense to do that.  You might want to listen to music while you’re engaged in gaming online.  The Arctis 3 would let you do that, as you could be streaming the music via Bluetooth while getting your gaming audio via the wired connection.

arctis 3The Arctis 3 offers low-distortion drivers that are said to deliver high-quality audio.  They also have a built in retractable microphone so that you can engage in voice communication while gaming.  Advanced circuitry also eliminates the bulk of background noise, allowing you to concentrate on hearing what you want to hear without being distracted by other sounds that might get in the way or get you killed in your virtual world.

The included SteelSeries Engine software allows you to create personalized audio settings, and a detachable cable system is flexible to allow you to use it when you need it but to have it out of the way when you don’t.  A built-in share jack also allows for multi-player listening.

According to SteelSeries, the Arctis 3 also offers unique capabilities for Nintendo owners:

Arctis 3 Bluetooth is now even more ideal for Nintendo Switch. Gamers can connect to their phones via Bluetooth to use the Nintendo Switch Online chat mobile app, while using the wired connection to hear game audio from their Nintendo Switch. This is the first headset with this type of compatibility for the Nintendo Switch.

Most gamers who also listen to music have been forced to spend big bucks to buy two headsets – one for listening to music and another for gaming.  That’s expensive, and it just adds to the cost of either the music or gaming experience, when you could be spending the money on tunes or more games.

With the Arctis 3, you won’t have to worry about that anymore, and you’ll find that you now have one less thing to haul around with you.

The best part is that the Arctis 3 headphones don’t cost a fortune.  Suggested retail prices is $129, but I suspect that you can find them at a discount if you’re willing to spend a bit of time shopping.

You can also buy them at the SteelSeries Website.


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