The World’s First Smart Suitcase

Ordinarily, it’s hard to get excited about a suitcase.  If it holds your clothes and it shuts, that’s usually good enough for me.  But yes, sometimes suitcases get lost.  Sometimes you need to weigh them and don’t have a scale handy.  Sometimes…

…you just wish you had more features.

The Bluesmart suitcase does that.  It’s small enough, at 24″x15″x10″ to fit as a carry on in an airplane.  It’s made of strong, lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum, so it’s going to be sturdy without taking up a lot of weight that you could be using for contents.

Generally, if you’re carrying a piece of luggage onto a plane, you won’t have to worry about the weight, but what if you have to check it?  What if you’ve packed it full of bricks and you aren’t sure that it won’t be overweight?

Not a problem; the Bluesmart has a built-in scale.  That’s right; the suitcase can weigh itself.  I’ve always carried a portable scale with me, but the scale takes up space, and requires batteries, and has weight itself so it contributes to the weight problem.  That’s not the case here; the scale is built-in.

What if you lose it?  You’re not likely to lose it, but an airline employee very well might.  It happens to everyone, sooner or later, and it’s frustrating to be standing there without any idea where your bag might be.  Bluesmart has the answer, as the suitcase has built-in GPS capability.  Not only that, but it can talk to your smartphone via BLE + 3G + GPS.  Your phone will always know where your suitcase happens to be, and that’s true no matter where it might be anywhere in the world.  If you’re outside the United States, you’re covered there, too, with help from Telefonica.

You can also use your phone to lock and unlock your Bluesmart suit case.  No need to remember combinations anymore.

Even if you haven’t lost your bag, you can easily find it in the airport with this feature and your phone.  But what if your phone needs a charge?  You can charge it directly from the Bluesmart, which has a built in 10,000 mAh battery.  That’s enough juice to charge your phone a half a dozen times, or to charge 6 phones one time each, if you happen to be traveling with 6 phones.  It comes with a charging cable.

You’ll find room inside the Bluesmart for clothes, shoes, and more, as well as room for a 15″ laptop.

The Bluesmart isn’t exactly cheap; the start at a bit over $300 and one model costs twice that.  On the other hand, if you travel a lot, and many people do, then you may well find it to be a good investment.

You can buy the Bluesmart at the company’s Website.

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