Power When You Need It – The Schumacher Storm700

schumacher storm 700 power supplyThese days, everything runs on electricity.  At least, the fun sorts of gadgets that I write about here run on electricity.  That’s fine; we have a power grid in this country that provides pretty reliable power…most of the time.

Sometimes, when the weather gets bad, you can have a power failure, and that can leave you in a position where your phone, or tablet or whatever other device you can’t live without isn’t going to run if you can’t recharge it.

A lot of people have emergency generators for those occasions, but there are times and places where an emergency generator isn’t practical or isn’t allowed – like most apartments.  If you’re living in those sorts of environments, you’re going to need another source, and that’s where the Schumacher Storm700  can come in handy.

The Schumacher Storm700 is a pretty hefty emergency power source, but it’s self-contained, as it’s basically a large set of batteries with a couple of places where you can plug in.  You’ve likely seen the small devices that you can use to quickly charge up your phone, but the Schumacher Storm700  is a different sort of animal.

How different?  The Schumacher Storm700  is able to provide up to 700 watts of power, giving you power for 3-9 hours.  You’ll be able to charge up and use a number of different devices for a fairly long period of time.

schumacher storm 700 emergency powerThe Schumacher Storm700  includes:

  • An inverter with 1400 peak watts
  • Two 120 Volt outlets
  • A 12 volt DC outlet
  • Two 2.1 amp USB ports

So you can power up USB devices, 12 volt devices or items that use old-fashioned house current.    There are LEDs that show you the status of the system and how much power you have remaining.  Of course, all of this power does have its drawbacks – the Schumacher Storm700  weighs a bit more than 50 pounds, which makes it a bit of a burden to lug around.

Fortunately, the device has a handle and wheels and you can haul it around much like you would a suitcase at the airport.

While the Schumacher Storm700  might be a great thing to have around the house in the event of an emergency, you can certainly be proactive in its use, as well.  It’s great for taking on a camping trip, or to a tailgate party, or to a block party, or to any outdoor event where it might just be handy to have up to 700 watts of power for a few hours.  You could provide some tunes for a party, or use it to provide some lighting for a backyard cookout.

With an optional cable, you can also connect it to an additional battery.

Really, the uses for the thing are unlimited.   What’s the price for having all of this power at your fingertips?  About $300, and you won’t have to order it from some exclusive Website, either.  In fact, you can get the Schumacher Storm700  at a number of home improvement stores.

If you want some more information, I found a great review of this backup system at YouTube:

I don’t have one yet, but this one is definitely on my “must have” list.  We tend to have some pretty heavy winter storms where I live, and power outages happen every now and again.

Great idea.  Lots of power.  Great price.  Sounds like a winner to me.

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