NuTone Knock Video Doorbell

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New technology – the NuTone Knock

There was a time when people knocked on doors if they wanted to get the homeowner’s attention.  Eventually someone invented the doorbell, which came in handy as homes became larger.  It’s not always easy to hear a knock on the door in a larger home, and a bell or a chime is a big help, especially since you can buy an extender to allow the doorbell to be heard all over the home.

Still, in these times, hearing that someone is at the door is useful, but not useful enough.   What you want to know is who is at the door.  A friend?  A neighbor?  A criminal who means to do you harm?  With a regular doorbell, you don’t know.

That’s where the NuTone Knock video doorbell can help.   The NuTone Knock replaces you regular doorbell with one that offers more features and additional peace of mind.

The NuTone Knock has built-in voltage detection to make it easy to install using your doorbell’s existing power.  That means that you won’t have to worry about battery problems, which can often be an issue in the winter, when cold weather sucks the voltage out of batteries.  It also has extended range wi-fi, which means that you can connect it to your home’s wireless network without having to add a range extender to your network.

What?  Add a doorbell to your home’s wireless network?  Why?

Because the NuTone Knock will not only allow you to see who is at your door, but it will allow you to know that someone is at your door and to see who it is no matter where you might happen to be.

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Old technology

That’s right; this particular doorbell is wi-fi enabled and it works with your smartphone.  When someone rings your doorbell, or even approaches your door (thanks to motion detection circuitry,) the NuTone Knock will alert you via the included app.

You’ll be able to see who is there.  The NuTone Knock is also capable of recording video to the cloud, so you can play it back later and see who was there.

The doorbell includes a high quality night vision camera, which makes it possible to see who is there even in low-light conditions.  It’s weather resistant, so it should work well for years even in harsh conditions.  In fact, the NuTone Knock has been designed to work reliably in temperatures ranging from -22° to 122° F.  That should cover just about any set of conditions you’re likely to have at your home.

You can also turn off the chime when you’re home and you do not want to be disturbed, such as when you or your child are taking a nap.

Of course, the NuTone Knock also includes an intercom, so you can speak with whomever happens to be at your door.  That’s true even if you live in Los Angeles and you happen to be in Paris when that doorbell rings.  Not a problem; just get on your phone and you can see who is at the door and you can speak to them.

Obviously, a full-featured device is going to cost a bit more than your average doorbell.  The NuTone Knock will retail for about $250 and will be available soon at Amazon.

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