Skybuds – Wireless Sound on the Go

skybuds wireless ear budsMost people like to listen to music, and we don’t usually restrict our listening to when we’re at home.   Of course, we don’t usually want to share our music with the public, and often, the public is grateful for that.

That means that you’ll have to use ear buds or headphones, and frankly, those wires can be a bit of an annoyance.  They get tangled, and sometimes they get caught in things, and are generally a nuisance.  Still, until recently, that’s all we had available, unless you wanted to listen using the not-so-great speakers on your tablet or phone.

Now there’s another option – Skybuds.  Skybuds are wireless ear buds that allow you to listen to music without having to bother with cords.  They work with Bluetooth, so you can use them with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and these days, that covers a lot of ground.

The rechargeable Skybuds twist and lock into your ears, and they’re water-resistant, so you can even use them while you’re running or working out.  That’s not all of the features, though – Skybuds do a whole lot more…

  • Passive noise cancellation.  The Awareness feature lets you choose between Active and Adaptive mode, so you can hear as much (or as little) of the outside world as you like.
  • Built-in microphone.  With the simple push of a button on your Skybud, you can take an incoming call.
  • Great sound.  According to the Skybuds Website, they include a balanced armature driver coupled with psychoacoustic features such as bass enhancement for premium sound.
  • Three different tips allow you to adjust them to fit your ears.
  • Lost them?  The Find My Skybuds feature will allow you to locate them.  For this, you’ll need the latest version of the app, but you can find them using either Location or Proximity.  Proximity will help detect them within three distance ranges.  Location will show you the last place the system remembered receiving a Bluetooth signal from them.
  • Four hours of sound between charges.  For gadgets of any kind, including Skybuds, power is often a problem. The Skydock is a portable recharging device that holds five additional charges.  You can charge the Skydock and then take it with you.  When the Skybuds run out of power, you can charge them from the dock.  You can also charge both simultaneously.

find my skybuds appWhile the Skybuds do have a lot of features, work well, and are certainly convenient, they do have a bit of a drawback – they’re not exactly cheap.   That’s often the case with new technology, though it’s likely that the current price of approximately $200 will drop as the product becomes more successful and as competitors enter the market.

When you’re the only one in town offering something new and cool, the price tends to be high.  But others will soon come up with their own variation on the product, and once that happens, the price will likely drop.  I suspect that we’ll see wireless earbuds below $100 within a year or so.  For now, Skybuds are the only game in town, and they’re charging accordingly.

Still, if you travel a lot, they’re going to be awfully convenient, and avoiding the hassle of cords and plugs and tangles may very well be worth a couple of Benjamins to you.

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