An Erasable Smart Notebook

rocket wave notebookDifferent people work best in different media.  While some people work best at a computer, using spreadsheets and word processors, others find their muse and get better results taking notes the old fashioned way – on paper.

That’s fine; paper still has its uses.  But paper tends to build up a lot of clutter.  You sometimes can’t find your notes when you need them.  And what if you decided that something you wrote down by hand would serve you better in the Cloud?

That’s where the Rocket Wave notebook can help you.  At first, I thought the concept was a silly one, but as I read more about it, it started to make more sense.

The Rocket Wave looks like a regular paper notebook with a spiral binding, just like the ones you used in school.  You can write in it with a special pen called a FriXion, which is available in different colors.  You can write in the Rocket Wave with this pen just as you would on any other notebook.  You can take notes, do calculations, draw doodles – whatever you like.  It acts just like a paper notebook, and you’ve got 80 pages to work with.

Then what?  Ordinarily, when a notebook gets full, you either file it away or throw it away.  You could do that with the Rocket Wave, but you really don’t have to, as it’s erasable.  To erase, just put the notebook in the microwave.  A logo on the front cover will change color when it’s done.  The special paper heats up and the ink turns clear when it reaches a temperature of 140°.   When it reaches that temperature, your pages are erased, and you can reuse the notebook.

According to Rocket Wave, the notebook can be erased five times.

That’s great, but for $25, it’s sort of an expensive notebook, given that you can buy five paper notebooks for a lot less money.  That’s where the Rocket Wave app comes in.  If you install the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can use it to transfer anything you’ve written in the notebook to the Cloud.  Each page in the notebook has 7 special icons, and you can assign those icons to specific online applications.

Then you can mark an icon on a page, and take a picture of it with your phone or tablet.  The page will be instantly converted into an online document and uploaded to your online application of choice.  You can send it to Google Docs, or Dropbox, or Evernote, and more.  That way, you can collaborate with others, even using handwritten notes.

The app works with both Android devices and the IOS, so you can use it with pretty much any device you like.  The Rocket Wave is also available in two sizes – standard (8.5 x 9.5 inches), executive (6 x 8.9 inches).

rocket wave appThe real magic is in the FriXion pen, which uses the special thermal ink.  You can use that pen on regular paper and heat it to erase it, but that doesn’t work as well as the specially treated paper in the Rocket Wave.  Besides, heating paper often leads to bad results.

Not everyone is going to need the Rocket Wave, as a lot of people have learned to work with other media.  If you’re old-school and like working with good, old fashioned notebooks, but still want to stay connected to the online world, the Rocket Wave offers a good opportunity to do both.

You can find the Rocket Wave for about $25 at Amazon, as well as at other retailers.

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