Pass the Smalt, Please

smalt smart salt shakerThese days, everyone has an idea for a “smart” device, and there seems to be no limit to what people can come up with.  Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of places where making a device smarter can be helpful.

The problem is that not every device needs to be Web-enabled, controlled from a smartphone, or capable of playing back music, though it’s nice to have access to devices that do when you need them.

Still, in the rush to cash in on the “smart” craze, people are coming up with Web-enabled devices that are stranger and stranger as time goes on.

Which brings me to SMALT.  SMALT is a smart salt dispenser.

That’s right – it’s a device that sits on your dining room table and dispenses salt.  Like the one you likely already have sitting there, only much, much smarter.

What does SMALT do that your regular salt shaker won’t do?  SMALT will, of course, dispense salt, and yes, you can pick it up and use it to put some salt on your food.  That doesn’t seem to be what the inventors, who are crowdfunding the device at Indiegogo, have in mind.

Besides being able to simply function as a salt shaker, SMALT can also alter your evening’s mood, as the light at the top of the device is capable of changing colors.  Don’t feel like a red glow tonight?  You can make it green instead.

The SMALT has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can play back music from the device of your choice.  It only has one speaker, however, so until someone comes up with SPEPPER, you’ll have to listen to your music in mono.

smalt salt shakerYou can control SMALT via a built-in LCD screen.   You can also use an app on your smartphone or tablet to control the device, and the app is both Android and iOS compatible.  You can also use the app to monitor your salt consumption in the event that you’d like to cut back a bit.

SMALT is compatible with Amazon’s Echo, so you can ask it to dispense salt for you. The salt will be dispensed into a tray at the bottom of the device.

The built-in batteries allow SMALT to run for up to 4 hours without recharging.

After a little more than a week of being listed in Indiegogo, SMALT has reached about 1/3 of the requested funding with three weeks remaining.  That’s a bit of money, but not an overwhelming amount.  I’ve seen projects that people really wanted funded in just 24 hours.  That’s not to say that SMALT is a failure or that it won’t get funded, but it does suggest that there aren’t masses of people who are clamoring to have their salt dispensed via an app that then requires them to get it out of a tray.

Of course, SMALT does have mood lighting, and it does play music and I will have to admit that I don’t yet own a salt shaker that has those capabilities, so perhaps I’m misreading the device and its appeal.

Here’s the video. I’ll let you decide if you need it.

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