LunaR Smartwatch Won’t Run Down

lunar smartwatchSmartwatches are a fun, if not yet, essential, gadget to have.  Most of them require you to have a smartphone handy, so really, they’re just an extension of your phone.

Still, it’s nice to be able to check on email or texts or get a reminder of an appointment without having to pull the phone out.  Some of the better smartwatches also look like real watches, so people won’t be looking at you like you’re some kind of geek.

If there’s one major drawback to smartwatches, however, it’s the fact that they suck power like crazy.  Most people like to put their watch on when they want to wear it, and take it off and throw it on the dresser  or in a drawer when they’re done with it.

When they get it back out of the drawer, they expect it to work.  That, of course, isn’t what happens with a smartwatch, as some of them run out of power after as little as 8 hours of use.

The LunaR smartwarch plans to change that.  The LunaR isn’t yet available; it’s being funded via Kickstarter.  Of course, given that they’ve already received four times the funding they were asking for with a couple of weeks remaining in the campaign, it looks like the LunaR smartwatch will actually ship.

It’s about time.   Solar powered watches aren’t exactly new; Citizen has had solar powered watches available for years.  So why has it taken so long for smartwatch manufacturers to figure out that solar power would be a great way to keep their watches running?

The lunar is a pretty nice looking watch, too.  It looks like a regular watch, so you won’t raise eyebrows when you’re walking around wearing it.

It offers a nice, gentle vibration when you have an incoming notification.  It’s iOS and Android compatible.  And it will run indefinitely, according to the makers, if you expose it to at least one hour of sunlight or artificial light per day.

The LunaR smartwatch also has a few other features that should be useful:

Dual timezone capability.  You can keep track of the time where you are and wherever home might be, and the LunaR will show you the time where you are based on the GPS unit that’s built in.

The LunaR has built-in sunrise and sunset tracking, for those of you who are into outdoor sports that rely on such things.

It also has the activity tracking that has become more or less mandatory for smartwatches these days, and it will let you know when you’ve met your goals for the day.

The LunaR will also monitor your sleep, keeping track of when you’re sleeping and when you aren’t so you can get the best sleep possible.

Here’s a nice change; the LnaR smartwatch is also water resistant to 50 meters.  That means that you can not only get it wet, but you can actually go swimming with it, if you like.

On top of that, you get actual sapphire crystal, so all of that outdoor activity you’re doing isn’t likely to crack the glass.

The best part is that the LunaR is also available for less than $150 as a special deal at Kickstarter.  Pretty amazing.

Eventually, every smartwatch is going to have solar power, but right now, LunaR is the only one.

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