Diesel Joins the Smart Watch Crowd

diesel on smart watchThe watch business has apparently been suffering a bit as everyone becomes a bit more connected.  I get it; I used to wear a watch all the time and then I got a phone.  Why carry two things that do the same thing, especially when one of them can connect to the Internet?

Then the smart watch came along, and while a few companies, such as Apple, jumped right in on it, everyone else has been taking sort of a “wait and see” attitude.  After all, if the smart watch is going to go the way of the Minidisc, then why bother making one?

Still, as more people start to wear smart watches, more companies are slowly putting their toes in the water to see if anyone will buy.  The latest company to announce a smart watch is Diesel, which makes some pretty interesting, rugged looking watches.

The press release for the yet-to-be-released Diesel On smartwatch offers a list of interesting features:

  • Compatible with both Android and IOS devices
  • Seven different dial options, each of which can be configured in hundreds of ways
  • Connect with Google Assistant by holding the power button to ask about the weather or to set a reminder
  • Eight available strap options
  • Google Fit experience measures calories, pace, distance and more.
  • Music streaming ability
  • Install apps through Google Play

In short, it’s one smart watch, but you can configure it to look like a bunch of different watches.  You can even set it up to appear as though your screen is cracked when you receive an email or text notification.

smartwatchThe Diesel On watch uses Android Wear 2.0 and makes use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.  The price is expected to start from $325, depending on options.  That puts it in the middle of the price range for Diesel watches.

Getting people to buy a smart watch has so far proven to be a difficult task.  A lot of them tend to look alike, and a lot of the look like smartwatches, which leads people to think, “Oh, look at the guy who just had to have the latest gadget.”

An obvious, and not very attractive smart watchWhat you want, I think, is a watch that looks good, no matter what kind of watch it might be.  If it has some additional functions, that’s nice too, but you want it to attract attention because it’s a nice looking watch, and not because it screams “I’m a new high-tech gadget.”

Of course, that’s just me.  There are gadget freaks out there that want exactly that in any new device they buy.  If that’s the case, then the Diesel On smart watch is probably not the best choice for them.

If you’d like some smart watch functionality while wearing an attractive timepiece that doesn’t go out of its way to announce itself as a newfangled, high tech gadget, but instead looks like, well, a watch, then the Diesel might be a good option.  I’m still not entirely sure I want a smart watch, personally, but I may change my mind in time.  I’m still taking, if you will, my time on this one.

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